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Psychedelic Records is pleased to announce
the Grand Prize Winner of
Pepper MaShay and the Electro Illusion's

is... Mikael Andersson - Infinite Beat

Name: Mikael Andersson
Artist name: Infinite Beat
Age: 28
Country: Sweden
City: Jonkoping
Artist website: http://www.infinitebeat.se

Infinite Beat History
Mikael Andersson started making music in 1997 with a so called "Tracker". In 1999 he released three tracks on a compilation album called "Meltdown Dance" (In.Disc Records, Norway). In 2000 Linda-Marie Wahlund (LiMa) became a member and recorded "Stay(by your side)" and "Here with me" which became very popular on MP3.COM, hitting the top 10 charts in several months. Since then loads of tracks have been produced and many of them have received very good reviews all over the world. Other famous MP3.com tracks are "Trance 2000", "Planet Earth" and "Approaching the stars".
Today Infinite Beat is featured on many sites around the internet including the radio stations Di.fm and radioseven.se. You can also preview tracks from Infinite Beat’s official site at: http://www.infinitebeat.se

In 2003 Infinite Beat began remixing in larger scales
which led to success in both competitions and in artist releases.
Other tracks that have been successfully remixed are:

* Blank - "Safe" (CD single, Talking Music, 2004)
* Nelo - "First Day" (Winner of remix competition, 2004)
* Studio Festival - "Olsberg" (2nd place in competition)
* Tristraum - "First Embrace" (Winner of remix competition, Maxi Single, Section 44/KMA Records, June 2005)
* Angelica De No - "Only In" (Winner of remix competition, Maxi Single, Miswax Records, May 2005)
* KASH - "One Night Stand" (Double Album, BRETT MUSIK, July 2005)
* KASH - "Koerpertriebe" (BRETT MUSIK, Autumn 2005)

The original mix of Pepper MaShay & the Electro Illusion's "Beauty Shop" was featured on the MGM DVD "Beauty Shop" starring Queen Latifah. The song was also played at all of the "Beauty Shop" Publicity events including the Movie Premiere and was featured in all 5 of the online trailers on the MGM.com "Beauty Shop" website.

BUY THIS CD NOW at these and other on-line stores
Perfect Beat - www.perfectbeat.com
Amazon.com - www.amazon.com
Psychedelic Records - www.psychedelicrecords.com

"Beauty Shop" recent RADIO PLAY - click here

"Beauty Shop" is now available from AOL Music
as a ringtone for your cell phone!

  Beauty Shop - track list
 1. Beauty Shop - (Mikael Andersson - Infinite Beat - Remix)
 2. Beauty Shop - (DJ Ranny's Radio Edit)
 3. Beauty Shop - (Mariano Lopez - Remix)
 4. Beauty Shop - (Kevin Michael - Radio Edit)
 5. Beauty Shop - (Kevin Michael - 125 Club Mix)
 6. Beauty Shop - (DJ Nineteen 69 - "Give Me A Perm" Mix)
 7. Beauty Shop - (Supermellow - Club Edit)
 8. Beauty Shop - (DJ Blaine meets Hefty Lefty - Remix)
 9. Beauty Shop - (Pure Elevation - "Underground" - Remix)
 10. Beauty Shop - (Pure Elevation - "On Da Floor" - Remix)
 11. Beauty Shop - (Electroillusion - "Original Mix")
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