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Bill Tucker mixes a blend of surf and pop from his O.C. project studio; featuring memorable melodies, catchy hooks and jangly guitar. Early in his music career Bill joined such bands as The Malards, The Sound Foundation, Just Before 60, Wacks, and Albion Moonlight. During the late 70’s Bill teamed up with songwriter John Simon and they wrote an album and began performing live. Several record companies including Shelter Records took notice of their album and shows. They performed all over Southern California at places like The Cuckoo's Nest and Madame Wong's. One of their songs, "Do You", was considered for Phil Seymour's debut album! Phil really liked the tune and it was published by Bug Music Group. Bill spent a good part of the 90's moonlighting as an airbrush artist. Then, in 2001 he was selected to record on a promotional CD called ERICfest. Bill met with producer/recording artist Doug Robinson at Capitol Records in Hollywood to record a collection of 10 Beach Boys songs. Bill sang "Surfer Girl". The release of the CD was followed by a live performance with The Beach Boys at Universal Amphitheater. This experience re-energized Bill’s musical aspirations and he has since written, recorded and produced 2 CDs: “Watch Over Me” (a spiritual collection of original songs) and “Briardale” (a mainstream pop/rock project). Bill's 3rd album "Sgt Tucker", best described as a psychedelic journey filled with Beatlesque ear candy is soon to be released from Psychedelic Records.

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